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Happy        Birthday to AA & Little B!!!

On October 17, 2007 the babies officially turned 2!  We had their birthday party at home a few days earlier and they had so much fun!! Thanks to everyone for coming out to celebrate with us! We haven’t seen some of our friends and family in a long time so it was great to be able to catch up a little with them.  We hope that everyone had a good time because we sure did!  Also thanks to everyone for their very generous gifts!!  Check out our photo page for pics from the party!

This was taken the morning of their party.  As you can see, they were in great moods and thankfully they stayed this way all day long!

We had a couple of SUPERbabies this year for Halloween!  These pics were taken at a nearby pumpkin patch a few days before the actual day.  The babies had a fun walking around trying to pick up pumpkins.  Ken and I were happy to get some decent pictures of them!

The weather has been great and the babies had a real fun time trick or treating on Halloween night too!  We went around the houses in our neighborhood and AA wasn’t scared at all!  He loved running around in the dark and he liked to walk right up to people’s houses and he wasn’t shy about knocking on doors or helping himself to candy when it was offered.  He would actually try to elbow his way to the doorway, trying to knock other trick or treaters aside who were ahead of him!!  We were surprised and amused to discover what an aggressive trick or treater our little AA is!

Little B on the other hand was not nearly as adventurous as his brother that night.  He would approach people’s doorways (only while holding our hand) but he declined all offers of candy and would want to leave right after we all yelled “trick or treat!”  Ken and I were anticipating that little B would be scared.   He is so afraid of this plastic pumpkin we have in the house.  It cackles and lights up when you push a button and he doesn’t like to go near the thing.  Lately when he misbehaves, we’ll tell him to “STOP or the pumpkin will come!!” and that scares him into being good.    I love that thing! 

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

You have no idea how hard it was to find costumes for the babies this year.  I originally wanted the babies to be ducks but then I discovered that both babies HATE having anything on their heads!  Little B took one look at this costume and ran away.  He absolutely refused to put it on.  I managed to stuff AA into it but he was not happy and I ended up returning the costume.  At least I got a few pictures of him wearing it, even if he doesn’t look very happy in it. 







Poor AA was my little guinea pig because he’s more willing to let me try different stuff on him.  I had a clown costume on AA at one point but forgot to take a picture.  Thank goodness for good return policies!

Hopefully next year  they’ll make my life easier and just tell me what they want to be!

Hi everyone!!  I hope you all are having a fun time as the holidays are fast approaching!!  I have not been good at updating this website on a regular basis and  will definitely try to do a better job in the upcoming months.  You may have noticed a new look to our web pages.  Hope you like it!   In case I don’t write again soon, Happy Holidays to everyone!!  Have fun and be safe!! Take care, 

I just wanted to share a few pictures of my new hobby - crochet!  I’m having FUN coming up with my own animal designs!  So far I’ve made a monkey, teddy bear, giraffe, and a rabbit.  I also made a whole bunch of teddy bear heads that became our favors at the babies’ birthday party.  It’s alot of fun and not hard to learn at all!  I’m also into far I’ve made 3 blankets, a bunch of scarves, and a couple of baby hats.  I’ll have to try and remember  to take pictures of all my creations to share with you!

Of all the animals I’ve made so far, this one is my favorite.  I make them all by freehand and I haven’t gotten in the habit of writing down my patterns so each creation is one of a kind!  So far I’ve given away most of the animals I’ve made.  This one went  to my 5 year old nephew Ryan.

The Japanese Art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals

Teddy bear keychains (& one pig)