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Sunday June 18, 2006
Father’s Day!
Happy Father’s Day to Ken! He has been the most doting and loving dad ever!  Feeding babies, changing diapers, bathing babies, playing with babies... you name it and Ken won’t hesitate to do it!  I would never be able to manage without his help and me and the babies love him to pieces and feel SO lucky to have him in our lives!!  On this special day, we gifted Daddy with camping chairs! He liked them alot and we used them that same day when we went on a Father’s Day picnic with Ken’s family.
The picnic was at Central Park in San Mateo and we all had a good time. The boys played in baby swings for the first time and really enjoyed it!
Afterwards, we went to San Francisco to meet up with Uncle Grant and Auntie Essie, Cousins Ryan and B2 and had dinner with them and my parents at the Olive Garden.  It was a busy day but lots of fun!