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Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Happy 4th of July!!
What a weekend! We had two BBQs. The one on Monday was spent with my parents, Uncle Grant, Aunt Essie, and cousins Ryan and B2.  We had a lot of yummy food that day including dim sum, shishkebobs, chicken wings, grilled veggies, and Grant’s own pasta dish creation.  Talk about a big variety of different foods!  Everything was really tasty and the kids had a good time.  Next year they’ll all be running around the backyard and that’s going to be so much fun!
The following day we had another BBQ, this time with mainly Ken’s side of the family, including lots of cousins we haven’t had a chance to hang out with in a long time. We had a good time and we hope all our guests did too!  I especially enjoyed playing Settlers of Catan with Mikey, Andrew, and Alex since I don’t get too many opportunities to do so.  
It was another busy weekend for us but we had such a good time!  We’re looking forward to an exciting week ahead because lots of out of town guests will be arriving to attend Cliff and Eileen’s wedding next weekend!  We can’t wait!