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Wednesday, August 2, 2006
August Blog...
Little B has learned to really “ham” it up in front of the camera!!  Lately, he’ll make this crazy face every time he sees us trying to take a picture of him.  It’s like an exaggerated super-size smile!
Sometimes he’ll get it just right:
Other times, he’ll really go into smile overload!!
What a character!! We can’t wait to see what his school pictures are going to look like!!
AA has lots of natural smiles for me when I take his picture.  He is such a happy and sweet, sweet baby!!  Now the hard thing is getting both babies to smile at the same time for the camera!! It’s almost impossible!
Our living room has essentially turned into a baby playroom.  This is where the babies usually hang out during the day when they’re at home.  Good thing we never got around to getting a coffee table for the living room because as you can see, there’s no place for it now!!
August 2, 2006
ALOHA, babies!!
The boys play at their grandparents’ home in SF.  The cute shirts are from Maui, courtesy of Uncle Cliff and Auntie Eileen, who are back from their Hawaiian honeymoon!  We can’t wait to actually bring the babies to Hawaii one day.  They would love playing in the ocean and on those beautiful beaches!   Maybe next year?  We’ll see...
10 months old!!
Where is the time going?? Two more months and it’ll be one year since the babies arrived!  Little B is crawling all over the place these days.  He’s starting to cruise along furniture so we expect him to be walking around soon.  Little AA isn’t mobile yet but he loves watching his brother!  Nothing gets a big smile out of AA like little B can!  Speaking of smiles, AA has 4 teeth now and Little B has 5.
Here’s a rare moment where the babies are hugging each other!  Usually it’s AA who’s trying to hug Little B and Little B tries to get away. Isn’t this cute?  We hope they become best of friends as they grow up together.
August 17, 2006
I can stand on my own!!  Soon I’ll be able to get into all sorts of trouble...
Heh Heh!!
Hi everyone!  How are you doing?? Thanks for visiting our website and for checking up on us!  We are doing great!  This month we’re looking forward to swimming for the very first time!  Daddy went out and bought these cute inner tubes for us!  We can’t wait to try them out!  We’re also looking forward to celebrating Auntie Essie’s birthday on the 22nd and Uncle Mikey’s birthday on the 25th..  We have lots to look forward to!