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Wednesday, July 5, 2006
June Blog
I just wanted to show you AA’s best friend...(besides LittleB, that is!) It’s his little ducky!  He holds it every night while falling asleep and it’s the cutest thing to see!  We got two of them, one for each baby but Little B doesn’t seem to care for his.  That’s OK... it just means that there’s a backup duck in case anything happens to this one!
Speaking of ducks, they seem to have become the theme in the baby bathroom.  We have flashing rubber ducks for them to play with during bathtime and we have a yellow rubber duck shower curtain along with matching duck  curtain hooks.  How did that happen?
It’s JULY already and here’s another reminder to PLEASE vote for Little AA !!   A $10,000 scholarship would sure come in handy!   Remember you can vote ONCE A DAY from any computer!  Polls will be open for 14 days starting July 1st and AA is the first picture shown of the June entrants.  Thanks for voting!!
Monday, June 26, 2006
So I’ve been reading about how babies often get Separation Anxiety around 8 months of age and I think Little B is really starting to get it!  He has suddenly become very clingy and will often cry and scream if I try to put him down, even if there are toys around!  This is starting to get exasperating since I have to take care of AA too!  Can you imagine trying to put one baby to sleep while the other is shrieking in the next room because he wants to be held?? Hopefully this phase will pass quickly.  I don’t want to think about how it will be if both have it at the same time!!
Little B imprisoned  in his “time out” box.
No, Little B is just having fun in Daddy’s supply of cardboard boxes!