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Sunday, February 18, 2007
Happy New Year
Happy New Year!!
We hope everyone enjoyed this holiday season!  It went by so fast...
Sorry I didn’t get a chance to update this site with holiday pictures sooner, but it’s been pretty busy!  Better late than never, right?
The babies had fun this past Christmas.  I think they enjoyed all the decorations we had up around the house.  Thank goodness they didn’t pull the tree down or tear open all the gifts we had wrapped for everyone!   Next year might be a little different...  They’re still too young to have fun opening presents but I’m sure that will change soon too!
Happy New Year to everyone!  We look forward to sharing lots of fun stories and pictures with you this year!
AA is going to be the next famous Genius!! The resemblance to Einstein  is uncanny!
As of January 17, 2007, the babies turned 15 months old!  They’re both walking around the house getting into trouble these days.  As you might imagine, Little B gets into more mischief than AA.  He’ll throw things into the toilet when we’re not looking.  We haven’t found a good toilet seat lock yet.  Any recommendations would be appreciated!
AA loves following Little B around to see what he’s up to.  It’s very cute to see them playing and laughing together.  It’s not so cute when they fight over the same toy and cry but I guess that’s to be expected...
I’ll try to be better about updating this site.  It’s difficult to find the time to sit down and do it.  I’ve been spending alot of free time playing with my Christmas present from Ken, my Nintendo DS!  I’m totally addicted to that thing!!  Ok, see you next time!
15 months!!