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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Halloween 2006
Happy Halloween!
As you can see, the boys dressed up as Batman and Robin this year!  A couple of weekends before Halloween, we took the babies over the the pumpkin patches in Half Moon Bay.  We went pretty early in the morning and it was perfect because traffic was minimal.  There were big crowds, pony rides, inflatable slides. etc... it was alot of fun! We’ll have to do it again next year when the babies will be old enough to appreciate more!
On Halloween night, we went trick or treating with cousins Max, Amanda, and Scarlet.  The babies did pretty well although Little B was a little scared.  Max was a very strong little Superman and Amanda was an adorable little bumblebee.  The babies went around  our neighborhood in their strollers and didn’t collect as much candy as they could have...The babies came home early while Ken and Max stayed out longer and ventured out further.  Ken discovered a street where each house was elaborately decorated with really spooky stuff like fake tombstones, fog machines, giant spider webs, and ghosts that come swinging out of trees...  He said there were trick-or-treaters everywhere and the block was basically closed off to traffic.  We can’t wait til next year when the babies will be able to walk around on their own and really have some fun on this holiday!!
October 31, 2006