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Saturday, June 17, 2006
8 Months old!
The babies are now 8 Months Old! June 17, 2006
What they’re doing and learning now...
Things we’re looking forward to this month...
We are really looking forward to Uncle Cliff and Auntie Eileen’s wedding on July 8th!! Too bad the babies are too young to be ring bearers!  It would be too cute to see them walking down the aisle in little tuxedos!  Hmm... maybe for Uncle Mikey’s wedding one day??
Also, Alexia Jeh Jeh’s 4th birthday is this month and we’re looking forward to seeing her and attending her birthday party!
Maybe the babies will get the chance to see their first fireworks show on July 4!  I bet they’d love it!!  Lots of exciting things are in store for us this month!  Stay tuned!!
Little AA
AA is getting better and better at sitting up by himself.  He will still topple over sometimes (front & back!) so we have to watch him carefully.  Putting a Boppy pillow behind him works nicely and if there’s an interesting toy in front of him, he can sit up for a pretty long time entertaining himself with it.  AA has not started to babble yet but he loves to smile at people and grab at things around him.
Little B
Little B is getting really good at sitting up. He hasn’t learned to crawl yet but is making movements as if he is going to learn soon.  He’s babbling more now and can now say “gaga” in addition to “baba”, “wawa”, and the occasional “ameh”.  He loves exploring with his hands and will pick things up and turn them over and over with serious concentration.  He has learned to lift his arms up a bit when he wants you to pick him up. We think he can recognize us although he doesn’t appear to have stranger anxiety yet and will let anyone hold him.
Little AA lounges around at home and gives Momma an adorable little  toothless smile.  What a sweetie!