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June 2007 20 months old
Like last year, we celebrated Father’s Day by going on a picnic in Central Park in San Mateo.  The weather was really nice that day and the babies had a good time at the playground.  Little B especially enjoyed the little toddler slide because he was able to climb up the steps by himself and slide down with minimal help.  AA was a bit scared of the slide and  preferred crawling through the little tunnel structure instead.   Maybe a Central Park picnic will become our Father’s Day tradition!
On Sunday  June 24,  we took the babies to their first baseball game at AT&T park!  The Giants were playing the Yankees and the ballpark was SO crowded!  It was not easy trying to care for two toddlers in a ballpark, especially when they’re naughty babies like ours.  There was a lot of whining and fussing going on so we didn’t really get to watch the game but then again, I didn’t really expect to be able to.  At least the weather was really nice that day.  It’s always fun to be at the ballpark, even if we couldn’t enjoy the game.  We did get to enjoy some tasty garlic fries though! Hmmmmm!  I don’t think we’ll be going again until the babies are older... like when they’re 4 or 5!!
At the end of June, we went camping at Lake Margerita in San Luis Obispo with Ken’s family and his uncle’s family from L.A.  We stayed overnight from Fri to Sun and the babies did surprisingly well!  Ken bought an awesome 8 man tent that we got to use for the first time and it was so roomy inside!  It had a partition in the middle which divided the tent in half.  The babies had the best time running around and playing inside.  They liked rolling around on all the sleeping bags and sleeping mats. They also loved bouncing around on Cliff and Eileen’s aero-bed!   I hope they weren’t the cause of the multiple punctures in the bed that were discovered the next day...
It was HOT during the day and thank goodness there was a pool for us to cool off in!  The babies loved splashing around in the water!  
I think that we’ll have even more fun when the babies get older and understand more. I can’t wait until they’re old enough to toast marshmallows around the fire and get freaked out listening to Ken’s scary campfire stories!
Happy Father’s Day!
Babies Go Camping for the First Time!