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Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt

Peg Streepsee more by Peg Streep
Studio William MorrowLabel William Morrow

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List Price: $24.99 From: William Morrow
From: William Morrow
Salesrank: 94974
Released: 2009-10-13
Released: 2009-10-13
Our Price: $16.95
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Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover
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Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt Editorial Review:

Drawn from research and the real-life experiences of adult daughters, Mean Mothers illuminates one of the last cultural taboos: what happens when a woman does not or cannot love her own daughter. Peg Streep, co-author of the highly acclaimed Girl in the Mirror, has subtitled this important, eye-opening exploration of the darker side of maternal behavior, “Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt.” There are no psychopathic child abusers in Mean Mothers. Instead, this essential volume focuses on the more subtle forms of psychological damage inflicted by mothers on their unappreciated daughters—and offers help and support to those women who were forced to suffer a parent’s cruelty and neglect.

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