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Danny and the Dinosaur

Syd Hoffsee more by Syd Hoff
Studio HarperCollinsLabel HarperCollins

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List Price: $3.99 From: HarperCollins
From: HarperCollins
Model: 9780064440028
Salesrank: 5461
Released: 2008-01-22
Released: 2008-01-22
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Pages: 64
Format: Paperback
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    Danny and the Dinosaur Editorial Review:

    Danny loves dinosaurs! When he sees one at the museum and says, "It would be nice to play with a dinosaur," a voice answers, "And I think it would be nice to play with you." So begins Danny and the Dinosaur's wonderful adventures together. For Danny and his prehistoric playmate, even the most everyday activities become extraordinary, like finding a big-enough place to hide a dinosaur in a game of hide-and-seek. Kids will delight in Syd Hoff's charming, comical illustrations as they read about how Danny teaches a very old dinosaur some new tricks.

    Originally published over 50 years ago, this beloved classic is a Level 1 I Can Read that is perfect for the beginning reader learning to sound out words and sentences.

    Supports the Common Core Learning Standards

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