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Exotic Names: For the New Millennium

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From: Neoteric Publications
From: Neoteric Publications
Salesrank: 11565096
Released: 2003-01-09
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Pages: 192
Format: Paperback

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    Exotic Names: For the New Millennium Editorial Review:
    'Kallea' :[Kah-lee-ah]"Beauty".w(Greek), is one of the 5,000 wonderful new names in this great reference book. Exotic Names are drawn from research with native shcolars in over 40 languages to ensure accurate pronunciations and meanings. Their positive meanings make this a unique collection, particularly chosen for how they will sound as a first or second name. For in combination they blend for a deeper metaphor, examples, "Kallea Shanay' :[Kah-lee-ah Shah-nay]"Beauty Walks"w(Greek & Ixil Maya), for a girl, and 'Bronik Troen' :[Bruh-nihk Troo-ehn]"Armored Faith".m(Russian & Swedish), for a boy. The original names of some familiar ones are also given, such as, 'Elizabeth' was originally, 'Elisheva' :[El-lee-sheh-vah]"God is my Oath" 3D 'El:"God" + 'Sheva':"Promise"(Hebrew). All the names are listed in one singular alphabetical order, with gender designation symbols. This is to facilitate root words being the source of names for both girls and boys, such as, 'Dobrya & Dobren' :[Doh-bree-ah, Doh-brehn] or the familiar, 'Ariella & Ariel'. There is also a phonetic key, language locator, and cross-reference section in the Appendices, which is full of fascinating lists and useful information on languages.

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