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Preparing for a Healthy Baby: A Pregnancy Book

Kendis Moore Drakesee more by Kendis Moore Drake
Studio Trimester, Inc.Label Trimester, Inc.

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List Price: $10.95 From: Trimester, Inc.
From: Trimester, Inc.
Salesrank: 979942
Released: 2017-07-01
Our Price: $10.95
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Pages: 112
Format: Paperback
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Preparing for a Healthy Baby: A Pregnancy Book Editorial Review:
Every pregnant woman needs a nurse in the middle of the night. Preparing for a Healthy Baby was created to be your bedside nurse and help you get quick answers to your most common questions. This is an easy to read, easy to understand book for expectant mothers that has been used by Universities, hospitals, doctor's offices, health departments and clinics throughout the country for more than 10 years. Now this book is available directly to expectant mothers. This book helps mothers understand the wonderful process of pregnancy and delivery. What changes will my body go through during pregnancy? How is my baby growing month-to-month? What substances are potentially dangerous to my baby and me? What medications are OK to take during pregnancy? What problems can be treated safely at home? When do I need to call my doctor? These questions and many more are answered in a clear and concise way. Doctors and nurses have stated that there is no other prenatal book that talks to mothers the way Preparing for a Healthy Baby does. Their patients say it's the one source they turn to most frequently for answers and information during their pregnancy. Mothers say it gave them comfort to know they were doing all the right things to help their baby. They also found that it was a great relief to know they had a quick reference guide at their fingertips to answer their middle-of-the-night questions.

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