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G.U.S. Kids Collapsible Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid, Large, Ivory

Studio Great Useful StuffLabel Great Useful Stuff

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From: Great Useful Stuff
From: Great Useful Stuff
Model: CTC0196BRKRLG
Salesrank: 33785
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Format: Toy

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  • LARGER SIZE FOR LARGER TOYS -- At 30x15x16 inches, this toy chest from Great Useful Stuff is up to 40% larger than other toy chests available out there, meaning that you can store more, larger toys in here with no problem whatsoever - without having to spend more
  • STRONG, STURDY DESIGN -- We know that a toy box is required to handle loads of toys & other playroom stuff, and that's exactly why we've equipped this toy chest with a simple yet strong, and elegant yet sturdy design that's sure to last for years to come
  • NO MORE MESS -- With the bespoke, collapsible design of this toy chest, it's easy to clear all the mess in your kid's playroom in a jiffy! But hey, this is not any ordinary toy bin - when not in use, you can simply fold it flat and tuck it away, out of sight
  • CARRY IT ANYWHERE -- We have made sure that this simple solution to all the toy-mess in your house is easy to carry anywhere & everywhere - thanks to a pair of built-in handles, in addition to amazingly powerful loop and hook closures & a flip-flop lid!
  • WASH WITHOUT A HASSLE -- These toy chests use 600 Denier Nylon fabric that is lightweight & durable - What's more, you can easily wipe it clean without worrying about water damage! No need to litter toys around - just click "Add to Cart" & order the largest & strongest toy chest out there right now!
    G.U.S. Kids Collapsible Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid, Large, Ivory Editorial Review:
    There’s No Getting away from Toys!
    To quote Prof Garry Landreth, an eminent play therapy champion, ‘Toys are children’s words, and play their language!’
    Kids love their toys. So, there’s no getting away from toys if you have kids in your house. But with toys, comes mess. It can get quite tricky to manage all the toys collected over the years as your child grows up, simply because they don’t want to throw any of those away, ever!

    A simple solution, can take care of this for you – Great Useful Stuff Collapsible Toy Chest!

    It’ s Large!
    Medium sized toy chests just don’t work. That’s why, you are going to find these toy chests are incredibly useful, because they are much larger (by up to 40%) than other toy boxes available at this price.

    At 30x15x16 inches, these have a storage volume of 7200 cubic inches – large enough to store all the toys with all their accessories.

    Designed for Perfection
    Moving away from the uninspiring designs of toy storage bins of old times, we’ve made sure that this toy chest looks attractive & gets the job done without any fuss.
    It’s strong, sturdy & elegant with smooth surfaces. Its collapsible design makes sure that you can easily fold it flat & tuck it away under the bed or in the closet when not in use.

    Easy to Clean & Carry
    This toy box uses lightweight & durable 600 Denier Nylon, making it easy to wipe clean & carry. With strong, built-in handles & powerful loop and hook closures that accompany the flip-flop lid, you can haul all the toys around without breaking a sweat.

    Time to bid goodbye to playroom mess & scattered toys. Just click the ‘Add to Cart’ button & order the best toy chest right away!

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