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The Gro Company Gro-Anywhere Blind

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List Price: $53.99 From: The Gro Company
From: The Gro Company
Model: EFD006
Salesrank: 9672
Released: 2014-07-01
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Format: Baby Product

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  • The versatile go-anywhere blind has been designed to 'go' anywhere with you, and can be put in place in minutes
  • Comes with handy travel bag, premium black out material, velcro fastening is easy to use and quick to adjust
  • Adapts to fit any window up to a maximum size of 130 cm x 200 cm, new improved version reduces to smaller window sizes than previously, whilst maintaining maximum size
    The Gro Company Gro-Anywhere Blind Editorial Review:
    Make a sunny room fit for your baby to sleep soundly.
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    Velcro fastening is easy to use and quick to adjust.
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    How to Install:

    Gently press a corner suction cup on to window. For a tall window begin in the top right corner. For a wide window begin in the top left corner. Work across the window pressing cups on to glass. Adjust width using velcro patches. If a sucker will not attach, check glass is clean and moisten slightly. Work down both sides and finally along the bottom. Occasionally, suction cups become deformed in transit which may result in them not sticking effectively to the window. Simply roll between fingers or place in warm water for 30 seconds to restore their normal shape.

    Removal — Important

    Do not grab blind and pull. This risks serious damage to the window glass. Remove each suction cup one at a time. Use the small tab on each one or your finger nail to release.

    Limitations of use

    The blind can be safely applied to normal single or double glazed windows in good condition. Do not use on windows that have damaged edges, visible chips, cracks or any other glass or frame damage. Do not use on laminated, textured/patterned or leaded glass or windows with internal wire strengthening.

    Comes with handy travel bag.
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    What customers are saying:

    "Easy to adjust for varying windows, didn’t take long to put up at all! Blocks out most light, we will be using this at home too, hoping it will help our girls sleep better in the lighter months!! Would definitely recommend."

    • Premium black out material
    • Stars and Moon design
    • Adapts to fit any window up to a maximum size of 51 in x 78 in
    • Easy to use Velcro sizing system
    • Handy travel bag

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