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Kiddomore Breathable Airflow Rail Cover and Bumper Baby Mesh Crib Liner, Dolly Pink

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From: Kiddomore
From: Kiddomore
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  • AMERICA'S & E.U'S NO#1 FOR MOTHER CARE - Kiddomore is one of the few brands that sell Baby Mesh Crib Liners having followed strict guidelines of the U.S and E.U Law Regulations for babies and been found fit to manufacture and safe to use for customers! We do not produce illegal over-padded bumpers that will cause harm of suffocation or choking hazard to your baby! Please take serious precaution from purchasing from other brands.
  • KEEPING BABIES TUCKED IN - Your baby will always be naturally fidgety and get their little arms and legs caught in between the slats of your crib, but with the Mesh Crib Liner setup as a friendly barrier - discomfort or pain will never be an issue! Your baby won't suffer from inflicting any head injuries or bruises either thanks to the cleverly designed mesh material built with millions of fibres that add to the light padding!
  • BETTER DAYTIME SLEEPS - Kiddomore's Mesh Crib Liners act as a shade to reduce any bright daylight entering the baby's room and will restrict the view of the crib's surrounding from objects and furniture that may be taunting to your baby. Your baby will be encouraged to calming moods and relaxation in a safe and secluded crib just like the mother's womb!
  • FITS ALL CRIB DESIGNS - We've made our Mesh Crib Liners compatible for cribs designed with 4 Slatted Sides, Solid End, Solid Back or Oval! We're pretty sure that it'll fit your crib! Any excess of the Mesh Crib Liner can be neatly tucked behind without spoiling the crib!
  • HYPERALLERGENIC MATERIAL - 100% sure to not cause any discomfort or reactions to your baby's skin! Your baby will be nothing but protected!
    Kiddomore Breathable Airflow Rail Cover and Bumper Baby Mesh Crib Liner, Dolly Pink Editorial Review:

    BRAND NEW Mesh Crib Liners for Babies! 

    Transform your crib into a beautiful and a much more safer nest for your baby!

    We love our babies! Parents can now feel 100% more confident in leaving their child in the crib while they’re sleeping! Babies are fresh and prone to getting cuts and bruised easily. Over 70% of mother’s are worried of their baby from harming themself in the crib! Padded crib bumpers are a danger hazard and against the law to use, which is why we’ve gone ahead and designed an all-new way of protecting babies with breathable mesh material made of Hyperallergenic fibres.

    We promise:

    • No more babies bumping their head and hands on the slats.
    • No more getting their arms and legs stuck between the slats.
    • Better sleeps during the day and night.

    And your baby wouldn’t dare to try and leap out of the crib using Kiddmore’s Mesh Crib Liners as a leverage, as we’ve designed them to collapse when a substantial amount of pressure is applied!

    Kiddomore’s Mesh Crib Liners can be used on a variety of cribs

    Works best for Slatted on 4 Sides | Solid End | Solid Back only | Oval!

    Comes in 3 superb colors: Pure White, Dolly Pink, Bluebell and Newly released Spaceship Gray!

    Kiddomore - A Safer Playground. Shop Now!

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