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Brawny Pick-a-Size Paper Towels, 16XL Rolls

Studio Georgia Pacific LLC (Paper)Label Georgia Pacific LLC (Paper)

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List Price: $39.92 From: Georgia Pacific LLC (Paper)
From: Georgia Pacific LLC (Paper)
Model: 44089
Salesrank: 7630
Released: 2017-03-15
Released: 2017-03-15
Our Price: $30.99
You Save: $ 8.93 (22%)!
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Format: Health and Beauty
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  • 100% more sheets per roll than our regular Pick-A-Size paper towel roll (140 Sheets/Roll)
  • 16 XL ROLLS = 32 REGULAR ROLLS - Save more space with fewer long-lasting paper towel rolls
  • 96 FEET MORE - than the leading national paper towel brand (24 Rolls / 84 Sheets)
  • 2-ply white paper towel, proudly made in the USA. Strong. Absorbent. Durable.
  • Do you want your Brawny paper towels conveniently at the click of a button? Try our Brawny Dash button
    Brawny Pick-a-Size Paper Towels, 16XL Rolls Editorial Review:
    Since 1974, the Brawny brand has been an American icon of strength and durability. It is the original, big, tough towel. Made to be gentle. But engineered to handle the tough messes life can dish out. Giving you the confidence to accept all challenges. Allowing you to meet the worst moments with your best self. So, stay strong. Stay resilient. STAY GIANT.

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