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Our Favorite Things...
As you can imagine, with two infants in the house, things get pretty busy for Mom and Dad!!  Here are a few of the items and toys that have made our lives so much easier!!  An entertained baby is a distracted baby and a distracted baby means Mom and Dad can get stuff done around the house!!
The Fisher-Price Jumperoo
This has got to be the best toy invention ever!! Both of our babies LOVE jumping in this thing!  They have SO much fun in it and it’s so funny watching them bounce up and down!  
The Evenflo SmartSteps Exersaucer
Another often used toy in our house, this exersaucer is great!!  They started using it around 4-5 months and it has been so awesome to be able to put them somewhere for 15 minutes knowing they’ll be safe and having fun.
The Tiny Love Gymini Playmat
The babies were able to use this right from the start although they didn’t start batting at the toys until they were around 2-3 months old.  The babies really like the little wind chime toy and they still roll around on this mat these days.  
The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Swing
This is a great swing!! It’s so cute and the babies really liked it right from the beginning.  The little fish mobile and light show really catches their attention.   The medley of tunes is enjoyable as well.  This swing has put Little B to sleep many times and for that, we are so grateful to have this!!
The Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker
We have two of these chairs and the babies have logged many hours sitting in them!! They were SO useful to have around, especially in the earlier months.  Mom would feed one baby and the other would sit in the rocker nearby.  Or a baby would sit in the rocker with a bottle propped up on blankets and feed himself!  We’ve had to put the chairs away for now though because the babies can tip forward and fall out.  Once they can walk around and learn to climb in and out of the chairs on their own, we can use them again.
The Fisher-Price Aquarium Healthy High Chair
This is the cutest high chair!  It comes with a great toy which detaches from the tray table.  Both babies really like playing with it and the music is nice, not annoying!!  The seat is made of vinyl so it’s easy to wipe down.  We like this chair alot and would recommend it.  It’s cool because it matches their swing, too!
Mountain Buggy Urban Double
This is an awesome double stroller!  It fits through a standard doorway and maneuvers really well!  We’re thinking of getting a sun cover for it so the babies don’t get too much sun exposure when we’re strolling around.
Baby Bjorn
This baby carrier is sturdy and easy to use!  Ken has gotten the most use out of it because he would “bjorn” the newborn babies around the house whenever they were fussy.  The baby would fall asleep in it and he’d end up carrying him around for a long time.  I only used it when we went out.  “Bjorning” the baby around the house didn’t work for me because if I was carrying one, I couldn’t tend to the other! I don’t know how Ken did it... Anyways, we nicknamed this carrier the “Daddy-mobile” because he was always carrying a baby around the house with it!