Random Pictures
Playing with cousin B2
Little B relaxes in his carseat
The babies LOVED going up and down the staircase
AA wants to help Grand Auntie Wendy
AA playing in the cul-de-sac
Enjoying lunch at the California Chicken Cafe!
Staying balanced at the play zone in a mall
AA meets a Monchichi for the first time
Playing with cutie Hana
AA enjoying a stroll in the neighborhood
Little B and Grandpa
Tinkering on the piano
Little B at the top of the stairs
Safari babies
Having fun in the living room
Big smiles!
Uncle Bryan feeds Little B
Happy Birthday to Ken!!
Good morning Little B!
Daddy and Little B
Ken crawling into the tent
Fishing with Michelle and Bryan
Snoozing away in their sleeping bags
Little B with Grandpa and Auntie Eileen
Bryan & Michelle hanging out in the tent
Fishing on Cliff’s boat
A milkshake pitstop on the way home...
Here’s a bunch of random pictures that I never got around to sharing... Thanks for looking!