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May 2007
L.A. Road Trip - 19 months
19 months old!!
The babies are over a year and a half now!   I say this over and over but WOW time is going by so fast!! Each month is passing in a blink of an eye.  The babies aren’t tiny babies anymore.  They’re very curious toddlers now.  I love watching them play and interact with each other.  It’s very adorable to hear little B calling AA “geh geh” (big brother) and AA loves chasing little B around the house.
I was told that life would get easier as the babies get older.  So far, it hasn’t happened.  I guess in  some ways it has, but in other ways, it’s a whole lot harder!  Now that they’re bigger, they know how to throw tantrums when they don’t like something.  The other night we took them out to dinner with our cousins and Little B decided he didn’t like the restaurant we went to so he screamed and cried and kicked around when we tried to put him into his booster seat.  The only thing that would calm him down was if we let him run amok through the restaurant or if we took him outside.  Since neither was going to happen during the dinner, I ended up having to leave with him.  AA was better but he got very whiny part way through the meal as well.  I guess I shouldn’t expect to be able to go out and enjoy a nice peaceful dinner anytime soon!  (SIGH)
Even with all my complaining, I am having a great time watching the boys grow and learn and I love watching their individual personalities develop!  Even when AA is screeching and clinging to my legs and even when Little B has flung fistfuls of dirt from our houseplant onto the floor, I have to remind myself that they won’t be this age for long!  I have to try to enjoy these tiny little boys while I can!  
Road Trip to LA!!
We decided to go down to LA for a short trip in mid May to visit family.  The babies did pretty well overall on the car ride.  They enjoyed the southern CA heat and they got to wear their warm weather clothes for once.   Grandpa came with us and we all had a good time.  It’s always fun to see Uncle Ollo, Aunt Wendy, Bryan and Michelle!  Here are some images from our trip! There are more in the Photos page too! Enjoy!
Little B’s bed-head!!
He woke up one morning with his hair like this and it was so hilarious and ridiculous looking that I had to grab the camera.  He saw Mama laughing at him so he started laughing too!  It took a lot of water and brushing for it to lay down flat for the rest of the day.  
Random pics...