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Thursday, March 1, 2007
16 months
Happy Chinese New Year!! Hope this upcoming Year of the Pig is fun and happy for everyone!  The babies are having fun celebrating the New Year.  They’ve accumulated a pretty big stack of red envelopes already and it’ll all go into their college fund!  Lucky babies!  They are now 16 1/2 months old.  Almost a year and a half!
Little B loves eating noodles!  He likes to dangle them and watch the noodles swing back and forth.  Then he’ll stuff one in his mouth and slurp it in.  What a funny baby!
mealtime fun
Give AA a spoon during mealtime and this is what happens.   A huge ricey mess!  He got it everywhere, including his hair and ears.  He thought it was really funny but then again, he didn’t have to clean it all up!!
Since the weather’s warmed up a little bit lately, the babies have been spending more time at Stanford Mall.  Dad and Grandpa like to take them there while I’m at work.  The babies enjoy walking around and exploring the shops.  They also like watching the water fountain and chasing pigeons!  
The lucky babies also get to enjoy yummy treats like ice cream and cheesecake on their mall outings! Hmmmm......
If you’re interested, you can check out some video of AA window shopping at   (Click here!)
We have some other random video clips that we’ve posted in the past.  Check it out!
AA and Little B at 16 months