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Wednesday June 7, 2006 - Sunday June 11, 2006
Road Trip to LA
We took a trip down to LA with Grandpa to visit with relatives and friends.  Ken also wanted to attend the last Ben Kagen dinner, which is an annual event held by Cedars-Sinai to celebrate that year’s graduating residents in Pediatrics and Medicine/Pediatrics.  The boys did wonderfully on the way down, mainly because they almost slept the whole way there!  I was afraid they might be fussy because they wouldn’t recognize their surroundings but it wasn’t an issue at all.  They loved Grand-Uncle’s home and had the best time playing with Auntie Michelle and Uncle Bryan!  The LA heat didn’t seem to bother them either.   Although we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked in order to visit everyone, we did manage to see a few friends and overall had a great time!  Thanks to Grandpa for all his hard work looking after the boys!