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Monday, July 17, 2006
July Blog
Here are some extra pics for you to enjoy.  The babies are 9 months old now and growing fast!  According to their 9 month doctor visit, AA is 21 lb and littleB is 20lb3oz.  It’s funny because while holding them, you’d expect the weight difference to be bigger.  AA is 30 inches long and little B is just over 29 inches.
Congratulations Cliff & Eileen !!
On July 8, 2006, Uncle Cliff and Auntie Eileen got married! It was a very beautiful and elegant wedding and we all had a wonderful time!  The babies got to show off in their little tuxedos and they had a great time seeing so many friends and family all at once.  Little B didn’t cry at all during the ceremony like I was afraid he would and Little AA didn’t start wailing until right after they were pronounced Mr and Mrs. Lin!  Overall they did very well considering all the people and all the noise that they’re not normally used to!  Best wishes to the newlyweds!  May they have a wonderful life together and we can’t wait for the babies to have more little cousins to play with!
Once again, a little girl beat us out! Better luck next time, I guess.   I still think that our boys are cuter than the semi-finalists but then again, I’m biased!  Here’s a pic of the winner for July...
AA says:
“Don’t worry! I’ll win next time! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to vote for me!”
The babies get some fun tummy time together.  Little B is such a little ham!
Little B says:
“Why do we keep getting beat by girls?? Look at her! Is that supposed to be a cell phone??”